Bass drum head art is a popular trend and has been a staple in the branding of a band during live performances for longer than anyone can remember. We offer several different kinds of kick drum head decals and below you will learn the steps to install your new sticker like a professional.

Drum Decal Installation (Text) | Drum Decal Installation (Video)

Before you begin, here are a few materials that you will need:

Rubbing Alcohol – Lint-Free Towel or Rag – Application Tool – Razor Blade or Knife- Masking Tape


Custom Kick Drum Decal Installation

Step 1: Prepare the surface the decal will be applied by cleaning the area with a clean lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol. DO NOT USE AMMONIA BASED CLEANING SOLUTIONS! Ammonia based cleaning solutions such as Windex will negatively affect the adhesive so ONLY use rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Place the decal on the surface he decal will be applied to and position it to your liking.

Step 3: Take the masking tape and place a piece through the center or the mid-point of the decal. This will act as a hinge to allow you to fold back one side of the decal.

Step 4: Fold back one side of the decal, peel away the backing paper exposing the adhesive and with a razor blade or Exacto knife, carefully cut the paper so that yo u can lay that half of the decal on the surface to be covered.

Step 5: Using the application tool or credit card, slowly lay the first half of the decal onto the surface and gently slide the tool back and forth over the decal making sure any trapped air is removed.

Step 6: Remove the center tape and fold second half of decal back. Remove the backing paper and use the application tool to smooth on the decal.

NOTE: Do not tear the backing paper in step 4. This can cause dust and particles to get trapped under the decal creating visible defects.

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Watch The Installation Video

We are working on an installation video to help you install your new kick drum head decal so our apologies. We do have a great instructional video for one of our Etsy shops so until we post our own, please check out the below video.

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If you purchased your kick drum decal from us, feel free to contact us if you have any installation questions and we will be glad to walk you through the process.

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